Financial Strategies for Your Changing Needs

Our team has developed and refined a process to help you implement strategies to reduce the impact of income taxes on your investment assets throughout retirement. It is a dynamic process that adjusts to your situation and the ever changing financial landscape to help you meet all of your retirement lifestyle goals. We call it our STAR process: Strategies to reduce Taxes on investment Assets throughout Retirement.

Fun facts: Week of October 26th

FAMILY MONEY Jeff Bezos is ranked #1 as the richest person in the world (worth $188 billion as of 10/08/20), but the 7 living heirs of Sam Walton (he died in 1992) are worth $239 billion. (Source: … Read More

Fun facts: Week of October 19th

LARGER LOAN On 1/02/20, the national average interest rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage was 3.72%, producing a $461 monthly “principal and interest” payment per $100,000 borrowed. The same $461 … Read More

Fun facts: Week of October 12th

AS LONG AS RATES STAY LOW The average interest rate that the US government pays on its interest-bearing debt as of 8/31/2020 was 1.795%, down from 2.331% as of 12/31/15. That means our government can … Read More