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Our team has developed and refined a process to help you implement strategies to reduce the impact of income taxes on your investment assets throughout retirement. It is a dynamic process that adjusts to your situation and the ever changing financial landscape to help you meet all of your retirement lifestyle goals. We call it our STAR process: Strategies to reduce Taxes on investment Assets throughout Retirement.

Fun facts: Week of July 15th

HOME DEBT 65% of the debt of Americans as of 3/31/19 is mortgage debt, i.e., $10.4 trillion of mortgages out of $16.1 trillion of total household debt. (Source: Federal Reserve) RAISE … Read More

Fun facts: Week of July 8th

SIMPLER RETURN An estimated 18 million taxpayers completed Schedule A (“Itemized Deductions”) as part of their 2018 tax return, down 61% in just 1 year (from 46.5 million itemizers in 2017). The … Read More

Fun facts: Week of July 1st

JOBLESS RATE The last recession in the USA began at the end of December 2007 and lasted 18 months through June 2009. The nation’s unemployment rate as of 12/31/07 was 5.0%, climbing to 9.5% as of … Read More