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In today’s financial environment, the only certain thing is uncertainty. At Wealth Distribution Strategies, LLC we take a comprehensive approach to plan for life’s uncertainties. Let us show you the strategies to give you comfort to be ready for all of life’s challenges.

Fun facts for the week of January 14th

BIG CITY PEOPLE 50% of the US population lives in just 143 counties in the USA, i.e., just 4.6% of the 3,142 counties throughout the nation are home to half our citizens. (Source: Census Bureau) DISCRETIONARY  VS. MANDATORY Over the next decade (fiscal years 2019-2028), estimated discretionary spending by the US government is $14.1 trillion, […]

Fun facts for the week of January 7th

UP vs. DOWN The split between “up” and “down” trading days for the S&P 500 over the last 50 years (i.e., 1969-2018, encompassing a total of 12,611 trading days) is 53% “up” and 47% “down.” The split during calendar year 2018 (there were 251 trading days last year) was also 53/47. (Source: BTN Research) TEN-YEAR […]

Fun facts for the week of December 31st

THAT WOULD HURT Individual income taxes paid by American taxpayers would have to increase by +46% in order to eliminate our $779 billion deficit from fiscal year 2018. (Source: Treasury Department) PRODUCING MORE, IMPORTING LESS As of the end of October 2016, the USA was producing 8.5 billion barrels of crude oil per day while […]