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In today’s financial environment, the only certain thing is uncertainty. At Wealth Distribution Strategies, LLC we take a comprehensive approach to plan for life’s uncertainties. Let us show you the strategies to give you comfort to be ready for all of life’s challenges.

Fun Facts for the week of February 11th

RED AND BLUE PROBLEM The national debt increased +86% during George W. Bush’s 8 years as president, reaching$10.63 trillion as of 1/20/09. The national debt increased +88% during Barack Obama’s 8 years as president, reaching $19.95 trillion as of 1/20/17. The national debt has increased +10% during Donald Trump’s first 2 years in the White House, reaching $21.95 trillion as of 1/20/19 (Source: Treasury Department). SALES PRICE The […]

Fun facts for the week of February 4th

FDIC Since the FDIC was founded in 1933, 2018 was only the third time that a calendar year passed without a bank failure. (Source: CNBC, January 12, 2019) ONE DAY I’LL BE RICH 37% of US households (45 million out of 121 million total household) will transfer assets estimated to be worth $68 trillion to […]

Fun facts for the week of January 28th

THEY FORGOT TO PLAN 62% of the 43 million Americans on Social Security receive at least 50% of their retirement income via their monthly Social Security benefit. (Source: Social Security Administration) THREE If the nation’s GDP growth for 2018 that will be reported in 1/30/19 shows an increase of at least +3% for the last […]